CityVarsity Film Showcase 2014
CityVarsity Film Showcase 2014
CityVarsity Film Showcase 2014


Below are the 2014 student films written, acted and produced by CityVarsity students.

1st years / 28 November 2014 / 18:15
3rd years / 29 November 2014 / 16:15
2nd years / 30 November 2014 / 12:15

Buy your tickets at the Labia Theatre on the evening.



Three friends, a photographer (Barnard), Lawyer (Brian) and Gym Instructer (Bjorn), share a house. They start the morning with their normal everyday routine with no idea that there's someone staring at them. Returning home after work , they have no idea they have a vistor. They find Goldi on Bjorn's bed and don't now what they are going to do.

Then she wakes up hearing a very uncomfortable part of their conversation and decides she has to protect herself. This leads her to knocking Brian out and tying the three of them up. When they are tied up the three of them go into a panic and try to convince Goldie to release them and that it's their house not hers.

Directed by: Monique Gerrits



A young mother, Thembeni, is on a very dangerous and dark quest to find her missing son, Mfazwe. She had lost her son in a very unusual way and no one is able to help her. She struggles in the pursuit of finding her only son up until she finds out that he is trapped in the unknown world of Gwadana.

All hope seems to have gone and she depends on her own strength to fight demons unknown to the world we live in. Creepy and dangerous, the love for her son pushes her to go through great lengths in the efforts of finding him.

honour is due


Honour is Due tells the story of a young obstetrician who is widely respected and admired by his peers. One morning he says goodbye to his adoring, heavily pregnant wife, unaware of the life-changing tragedy that would unfold that day as a result of his questionable ethics...

Directed by: Marius Bonfeu



Run is a thriller horror about a young woman that goes for a jog and for some reason decides to take a different route and ends up in a battle for her life and freedom against two horribly deformed individuals. She has to find the strength mentally and physically to escape. In the end it is her mind that she needs to escape from.



A young boy by the name of Atreus is curious about a chest owned by his grandfather Theo. His grandfather tells him he is only to open it when he is of age, only then will he be able to understand the contents of the chest.

One night Atreus couldn’t help his curiosity and he tried to open the chest in secret but his Grandfather catches him in the act, leaving the contents of the chest unknown. After this, Theo takes his grandson to his room and gets him ready for bed. 

Theo then attempts to tell Atreus a story but Atreus has heard all the tales before. It is then that Theo introduces a new story, one that Atreus has never heard of before. We follow a young boy’s imagination as his grandfather tells him a story about two brothers, Thaddeus and Acerbus, who falls in love with the same girl. After the girl made her choice, the rejected brother goes mad of envy and attempts to kill her. We follow the hero on his adventure to save the girl he loves by confronting his brother and making the ultimate sacrifice, in order to be with the girl he loves.

Directed by: Charles Bester

the garden of plenty


This film is about two friends sitting together at the park. The one is so hopeless and faces many challenges, he talks to his friend about how difficult life is for him these days.

He says that if God was here, he would ask him so many questions about how God managed to make some people poor and some people rich? Nelly ask him not to think that way, and wonder about those kind of questions.

Nelly tells Sipho a story about how God gave gifts and talents to everyone, and that people should stop blaming God, other people or circumstances for being poor and should rather start using the gifts and talents God gave each person, whether they are black, Chinese and white.

Nelly thinks God created three presents, the biggest being a broom, digging fork, potatoes and a hammer. The second gift was medium in size containing a laptop and cell phone, and the third gift was the smallest, a notebook, pen and calculator. The black person chose the biggest gift, the Chinese person the medium gift and the white person the smallest.

That way people were blessed. Each should use their gifts and abilities to make their living and the world a better place.



Five strangers enter a hotel elavator at the end of a long day. But when the elavator stops working, little do they know that it's the least of their worries.



Directed by: Mike Haas

chos chos ngamsomi


Directed by: Monique Gerrits



Directed by: Maxine Helm