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Certificate in Journalism and Digital Media

SAQA Code: 57224


Journalism and Digital Media Certificate is an intense 1 year course which enables the graduate to enter the industry at an entry level. The certificate acknowledges that the face of journalism is constantly changing and students are trained to be able move between and integrate the various platforms of journalism. It is the only course of its kind that offers Creative Writing as a subject which runs concurrently with the rest of the certificate. Although the certificate incorporates the appropriate theory, the focus of the certificate is one of practicality. Graduates leave with an understanding of the field and confidence in their ability to produce work for the various forms. They are encouraged to think critically and become fluent in general knowledge. Staff are actively involved in their professional fields and are therefore in touch with the industry and able to convey its demands to the students. Students come from all walks of life and a range of ages. The course is held on a wonderfully diverse campus and students are encouraged to interact with other disciplines. Students are required to do 100 work experience hours in the industry during the mid- year vacation as an introduction to the industry is about. Guest speakers form an important part of the course with the potential of leading to employment. One of the highlights of the course is the glossy magazine containing pieces written by students.


Subjects throughout the year are:

  • Print journalism
  • Creative Writing
  • TV journalism
  • Radio
  • Contextual Studies
  • Digital Media

Qualification: Certificate in Journalism and Digital Media

Duration: 1 year