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Diploma in Animation / Advanced Diploma in Animation and New Media

SAQA Code: 48446 / 62950


During the first year of the Animation course, students are given a strong foundation in the principles of Animation and precise instruction on drawing and anatomy. The emphasis is on paper-based animation training to establish the skills required to translate a story into an entertaining animated piece. Emphasis is given to the understanding of the visual language on screen and the techniques to produce effective images that communicate to an audience. Subjects throughout the year are:

  • Animation Pre-Production 1
  • Animation 1
  • Digital 1
  • Animated Titles 1
  • Contextual Studies 1 - Film Appreciation, Art History and Visual Literacy


During the second year students the fundamentals are built on and students are introduce to more technical aspects of the software and theory behind translating traditional animation principals onto software packages. During the year, a number of different aspects of the animation industry are covered and the specialist skills can be investigated, which will form part of the path to the Higher Diploma. An important aspect of the course is for the student to build a showreel of all the work completed, to showcase to a potential employer all the skills achieved. Subjects throughout the year are:

  • Animation Pre-Production 2
  • Animation 2
  • Digital 2
  • Editing
  • Compositing 2
  • Contextual Studies 2 – Visual Literacy 2, Art History 2


The 3rd Year of the Animation course is a crucial year to find your skills and hone your talents in one of career paths that have been identified during the 2nd year as the most relevant to your passion and strengths. The options to specialize in are, 2D or Traditional Animated short film, 3D Animation Short Film, Visual Effects or Game Design. The technical skill is at a higher level, research is used to form the final showreel piece and each specialization has a specific focus which is guided by a lecturer who specializes in that field. Subjects throughout the year are:

  • Professional Development
  • Animation 3
  • Digital 3
  • Work Integrated Learning
  • Compositing 3

Diploma in Animation (2 years)Advanced Diploma in Animation and New Media (1 year) 

Diploma in Animation (2 years) Advanced Diploma in Animation and New Media (1 year)