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Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Sound Engineering

SAQA Code: 48450 / 48447


The two-year Diploma Course in Sound Engineering involves work in the main areas of Sound Engineering in the current industry, and equips students to become accomplished in the operation and production of Location and Post-production (sound for film), Band recordings and mixing, and Music Production. An optional and advised third year affords the opportunity to pursue an Advanced Diploma in Sound Engineering where students get to specialize in a vocation of their choice – either post, band, or music. Within the Advanced Diploma the students have the opportunity to work in world class facilities with real world outcomes, assessments and deadlines. Techniques for the three focus areas are further developed and enhanced during the course of the year. Teamwork is encouraged and students learn to work in groups to complete their projects as well as steering their own productions with 1st years acting as assistants within the studio environment. This emulates industry practice and as such gives the students a bearing on studio personnel practice.



During the first year of the Sound Engineering course students are given a strong foundation in the principles of sound, acoustics and production techniques. The emphasis is on the practical side with a theoretical understanding which establishes the skills required to record, manipulate and design sound within a basic field of practice. Subjects throughout the year are:

  • Sound Recording Engineering 1
  • Audio 1
  • MIDI 1
  • Music 1
  • MAPP 1 - Media Appreciation


During the second year students hone their auditory and mixing skills and produce projects that relate directly to the industry. Students work on interdepartmental projects learning to work with their colleagues as clients and also work on real industry projects where applicable – from finding their own bands to record, to location recording, to writing music for a short film produced by the film department. The second year of study focusses on improving aesthetic standards and practices, and preparing the student to enter the world of sound as an independent entrepreneur, both on an artistic level and with business skills. Subjects throughout the year are:

  • Sound Recording Engineering 2
  • Audio 2
  • MIDI 2
  • Music 2
  • Bizzlaw 2 (Business principles, Law of music business)


Students are required to work with real world examples of recordings within their chosen line of study. Whether they have to work on the films, record bands, or transcribe and record film scores, the standard of completion of the assignments is in line with industry delivery standards. This course shapes the diploma graduate into a confident, knowledgeable sound engineer who understands all workflows and who realizes the responsibilities of the workplace. Subjects throughout the year are:

  • Specialization 3
  • Mastering 3
  • Law 3


Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Sound Engineering


Diploma in Sound Engineering (2 years) Advanced Diploma in Sound Engineering (1 year)