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Johannesburg Campus


The Campus

Johannesburg Campus Building
In 2014 CityVarsity’s Newtown Campus relocated to its new home in Braamfontein. With this move CityVarsity is able to offer students an enhanced experience without being far from the “cultural arc” and staying true to its creative roots.
The area is the home of the Braamfontein Management District that has seen to the development of Braamfontein as a central location for entertainment, business and education. Braamfontein is the location of the Johannesburg Theatre, several art galleries and studios, The Grove (a trendy student spot) and the famous Neighbourgoods Market.
Johannesburg offers loads of opportunities in the creative industries, specifically in film, television and music as well as for recording and production, crafts and design, multimedia and information technology. Our proximity to these professional creative hives (including SABC, e.tv, numerous galleries and production companies) provides our learners with vital motivation to keep pursuing their dreams.
On selected Saturday mornings, we host Open Days for our prospective students to experience a taste of our world. Be sure to keep an eye on our ‘Events’ section and Facebook page for upcoming Open Day dates. On these days, potential students are shown around our various facilities and are able to attend workshops giving them a glimpse of their chosen artistic field. Interested learners are encouraged to make appointments with our student consultants to discuss their futures.
Our campus is conducive to learning and creativity with an atmosphere based on mutual respect and dignity. Within this nurturing environment, our students are given a chance to let their talents and creative voices bloom.

The Place


Cultural diversity and innovative expression will surround you if you make the largest city in Africa your new home!
The pace is quick here; the business and economic centre of South Africa provides 16% of the GDP. Skyscrapers stand sentinel over this urban jungle; Africa’s “Place of Gold”.
Joburg is a melting pot of all tastes and interests, with Alexandra, Soweto, Gold Reef City and Carnival City & Entertainment World all in the near vicinity. Simply put, this is a beehive of activity.
This is the home of Africa’s top stadium, Soccer City, that now host to various sport events and concerts. Another spin-off from the world’s biggest sporting event was the arrival of the Gautrain, which now ensures quick and comfortable transport between Jozi, Pretoria and O.R. Tambo International Airport.
This is indeed the cradle of (hu)mankind…and it hasn’t stopped rocking…

About Us

Established in 1996 in Cape Town, CityVarsity rapidly cemented itself as the go-to media and creative arts school in South Africa. In 2007 the demand for quality private tertiary media education led to us opening our Johannesburg campus.
Our students’ lifestyles are enriched by the proximity of our campuses to media and creative industries. The increasing number of international students bears testimony to the positive reputation we continue to spread at a global level. With a strong emphasis on practical work across all media disciplines, our graduates walk out of our doors with a portfolio of relevant work. This constant hands-on approach provides our graduates with a distinct advantage in the career market.
Over the years, CityVarsity’s dominance at national awards ceremonies has demonstrated the distinctive edge that our students possess. The academic staff is encouraged to freelance within their disciplines. This highly successful strategy results in a perpetual awareness of the trends, needs and challenges within each sector of the industry. Annual industry indabas ensure a guidance system for syllabus structure, content and direction. These are just two ways in which our students are constantly in touch with the pulse of their chosen profession. Our students’ interaction with peers from other departments produces vital networking skills and opportunities which have led to many of them forming successful independent production companies after their studies.
CityVarsity is a fully accredited Higher Education institution, offering certificates, diplomas advanced diplomas and degrees. All our curricula are registered with SAQA while the qualifications are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). In addition to this, CityVarsity is registered with the Department of Education (DOE) for the qualifications shown on Certificate no. 2001/HE07/004. Welcome to our world!

Cape Town Campus

CityVarsity Cape Town Campus - Roeland Street Our flagship campus is situated in Cape Town. It boasts state of the art sound, film, acting and photography studios, an infinity wall, dark room, casting rooms and fully equipped labs for animation, multimedia and journalism.

We are located in the heart of Cape Town’s creative and design district. The area houses numerous advertising, animation, design and production companies and studios. Many of our alumni are employed in our immediate vicinity, fostering strong and on-going personal and professional relationships.

The area offers an array of student accommodation and you’ll find plenty of creative and intellectual stimulation from the museums, theatres, cinemas and the famous Company Gardens. All of these are just a stone’s throw away.

Student wellness is inherent in the CV mindset. For this reason, we have a student counsellor available to our students who provides confidential consultation. Recreation is also major factor in our students’ lives. Pool and foosball are taken very seriously on-campus. Our canteen is constantly bustling with constant gameplay and chatter. We have a very energetic SRC who are always involving students in various activities from soup kitchens to games nights.

The Place

Cape Town Stadium - Photograph courtesy of Matthew Schnetler Cape Town is a film hot spot. Our fantastic locations and skilled labour make us a prime destination for both local and international films. You may have recognised some areas in ‘Blood Diamond’, ‘Safe house’ or ‘Lord of War’. The creative economy grows on average of 5% a year and the film industry is a major contributor to the country’s GDP. Much of this growth and activity takes place in Cape Town. Series that have been shot here include ‘Homeland” Season 4 and ‘Black Sails’. Films lined up to be shot in Cape Town include the last instalment of ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Journey Is The Destination’, ‘Shepherds and Butchers’, and ‘Momentum’.

The ‘Mother City’ brims with an immense variety of beautiful natural locations, trendy restaurants, fun activities and an eclectic mix of people from all walks of life. This incredible city is a traveler’s dream being home to 3 of South Africa’s 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, namely Table Mountain, Robben Island and the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. The list of things to do in Cape Town and its surrounds is almost endless- museums, theatres, cinemas, concerts (indoor and outdoor), helicopter flights around the Peninsula, sunset cruises, world-class shopping malls, wine-tasting, glass-blowing, pottery, wine-routes, hiking, surfing. For the more adventurous there’s paragliding, abseiling, skydiving, spelunking and even shark-cage diving.

With almost half of the population being less than 24-years old, Cape Town’s vibrant energy is most evident in its nightlife. Our campus is close to the world-famous Long Street, a strip of restaurants, nightclubs, cafés and a myriad of shops.

Make sure you attend at least one soccer, rugby or cricket match during your stay- each has its own uniquely indescribable atmosphere. Our point is, whatever your outlook on life, the Mother City will have something that’s right up your alley.

About Us

Established in 1996 in Cape Town, CityVarsity rapidly cemented itself as the go-to media and creative arts school in South Africa. In 2007 the demand for quality private tertiary media education led to us opening our Johannesburg campus.

Our students’ lifestyles are enriched by the proximity of our campuses to media and creative industries. The increasing number of international students bears testimony to the positive reputation we continue to spread at a global level. With a strong emphasis on practical work across all media disciplines, our graduates walk out of our doors with a portfolio of relevant work. This constant hands-on approach provides our graduates with a distinct advantage in the career market.

Over the years, CityVarsity’s dominance at national awards ceremonies has demonstrated the distinctive edge that our students possess. The academic staff is encouraged to freelance within their disciplines. This highly successful strategy results in a perpetual awareness of the trends, needs and challenges within each sector of the industry. Annual industry indabas ensure a guidance system for syllabus structure, content and direction. These are just two ways in which our students are constantly in touch with the pulse of their chosen profession. Our students’ interaction with peers from other departments produces vital networking skills and opportunities which have led to many of them forming successful independent production companies after their studies.

CityVarsity is a fully accredited Higher Education institution, offering certificates, diplomas advanced diplomas and degrees. All our curricula are registered with SAQA while the qualifications are accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). In addition to this, CityVarsity is registered with the Department of Education (DOE) for the qualifications shown on Certificate no. 2001/HE07/004. Welcome to our world!

Academic Staff


Management - Cape Town

Michelle Young
Michelle Young National General Manager

Campus: Cape Town

Michelle holds a BA in Communication, Honours in Clinical Psychology and a Masters in Adult Education from UNISA. Her current research focuses on the impact of outcomes-based assessment practices on adult education in South Africa. Michelle currently sits on the Academic Board of DCC, a distance education arm of the Educor group, which she joined in 2002. Michelle became CityVarsity’s National General Manager in 2010.

Paul Lensen
Paul Lensen Academic Manager

Campus: Cape Town

Paul has more than a decade of video producing and training experience. As creative director for a major weekly business and lifestyle programme for CNBC, Europe he controlled quality and processes, and provided creative, editorial, production and post-production direction. He has also worked for Sony Pictures TV and other leading broadcasters. Before joining CityVarsity, he also successfully ran his own video production company Renegade Pictures specialising in induction and training video programing for the energy sector in West Africa. During this time he also taught film making part time at private and public film schools which led him back to pursuing a career in academics within the creative arts.

Chanél Engelbrecht
Chanél Engelbrecht QA Manager

Campus: Cape Town

Chanel holds a BEd with distinctions in Psychology and Teaching Practice was well as a BCom in Management. She has extensive experience as a Sales Manager and brings that experience along with a passion and understanding of education to the CV team. Her ethos for lifelong learning is leading her to complete her Honours Industrial Psychology.

Chanel has been with CityVarsity since 2011 and in 2014 moved from her role as Sales Manager to Academics. As the QA Manager she provides strategic direction to management on quality assurance plans, audits, quality compliance and remedial action plans.

Sharief Saban
Sharief Saban Operations Manager

Campus: Cape Town

A technician by trade, Sharief arrived at CityVarsity in 2008 to manage the Gearhouse. In 2010 he was appointed to his current post, which he finds challenging, but exciting at the same time.

Pride Guzha
Pride Guzha Financial Accountant

Campus: Cape Town

Pride heads our Cape Town and Braamfontein finance office, where he is the financial accountant

Pride comes from an accounting and auditing background completed his articles at RAFT INC in Cape Town and has always had a passion for figures and problem solving.

He holds a degree in Financial Management, Advanced Diploma in Accounting Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Accounting Science (CTA 1) from the University of South Africa. Recently acquired the Associate General Accountant (AGA SA) designation from South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA).

Management - Johannesburg

Lucelle Pillay
Lucelle Pillay Academic Manager

Campus: Johannesburg

Lucelle Pillay qualified as a fashion designer in 1993 (N.Dip) from DUT (Durban Institute of Technology). She expressed her own aesthetic by participating in various local and internationally based shows like “The Golden Scissors” “Top Billing Fashion Awards”, “July Handicap Fashion Show Case” & numerous “Durban Designer Collections” (DDC). These events allowed her to network with various people in the entertainment and music industry as the time.

Lucelle then entered the fast paced world of fashion retail in 1996 when she assumed the position of visual coordinator within the Foschini Group. Lucelle then worked in furniture décor for the Ellerines group for a further 4 yrs. She represented this discipline on the board of specialists at SAQA.

In 2000 Lucelle decided to support her passion for art making and design by enrolling for Unisa’s correspondence Visual Art Degree Programme. She found the course stimulating and studied to complete her Honors in Visual Art (BVA). Lucelle is currently (2014) involved in compiling research toward an art exhibition as part of her Masters Degree requirements. She specializes in the field of human signs & symbols within the digital realm of computer mediated communication.

In 2009-2012 Lucelle was granted a lectureship to initiate an art foundation course at an International design college in Durban. After 2 years of contact study she was promoted to dean of the Online Learning Centre. This post allowed her to travel extensively throughout Europe and work with various foreign stakeholders involved in distance education.

Zander De Necker
Zander De Necker Operational & Office Manager

Campus: Johannesburg

Zander was born, he was raised (by interesting people) and now he is working at CityVarsity, Johannesburg. An Interior Decorator by trade and later Interior Designer, he became a Jack of all trades. From being a Materials Manager at one of South Africa’s oldest foundries he crossed paths with Lloyd Power, the Executive Producer of hit television series such as Konings and Torings. Lloyd having an eye for new talent soon became Zander’s mentor and urged him to pursue a career as a producer in the film industry.

After securing funds from the NFVF for the development of the feature film, While the Music Lasted, he proceeded to work on the project as Executive Producer with the likes of Brümilda van Rensburg and Lerina Erasmus. As a soon to be published Afrikaans poet and novelist, he also writes and contributes to screenplays.

Descending from the Flemish part of Belgium he aspires to return to the shores of Veurne and document his family history as a sequel to the De Necker family tree that was published in 1980.

Academic Staff - Cape Town

Sanjin Muftic
Sanjin Muftic Head Of Department - Acting

Campus: Cape Town

Sanjin was born in Bosnia, grew up in Ethiopia and travelled the world before arriving in Cape Town. He completed his undergrad in both Drama and Computer Science in Quebec, Canada. He came to South Africa seeking more adventure than the life a Web-Designer could offer.

Enrolling at the University of Cape Town to study Drama, he completed his Masters in 2006 with distinction. Since then he has directed several student productions, professional shows, and cabarets as well as doing videography design for various theatre shows around the country. His first solo project was the self- written, directed, and multimedia-designed work, The Life and Work of Petrovic Petar, which was performed at the Grahamstown, Out the Box, and Musho festivals. Following that he directed the multimedia children’s show Under the Stars, Above the Tree which travelled to Rwanda.

In recent years he has collaborated with Godfrey Johnson, MAGNET theatre, FTH:K and LaRosa Spanish Dance Company. He was awarded the GIPCA fellowship for 2011, and is working on his interdisciplinary project SAMPLE, when not watching cricket on TV.

Donovan Cook
Donovan Cook Head of Department - Animation

Campus: Cape Town

Donovan studied a BA Hons in Digital Media Production at the University of the Arts London, where he was introduced to 2D and 3D Design and Animation. After Graduation he worked in Graphic and Web Design, video editing and illustration, and eventually moved into 3d Animation and Design, freelancing on everything from Architectural Visualisation to Character animation projects.

He jumped at the chance to start teaching, with a view to contributing to the intellectual debate on technique and direction of the industry. During the last 7 years of Lecturing he has completed the Certified Technical Trainers Certification; an Adobe Internationally recognised software training program as well as the Autodesk Certified Instructor program, design to test the highest level of knowledge for 3D software and a practical teaching method for software. He is also an Autodesk pre and post Sales Technical Expert and product tester for the latest version of Autodesk software in development.

Apart from lecturing during the day, Donovan has also conducted private teaching courses in evening and weekends for Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, Graphic Designers and 2D Animators looking to cross skill. He also works on freelance projects, nationally and internationally, out of college time to keep his skill relevant and up-to-date. He is a board member of AnimationSA and is a key organiser for the Animation Xchange.

Hansie Visagie
Hansie Visagie Head Of Department - Art

Campus: Cape Town

Hansie Visagie received his BA Honours Degree in Information Design from the University of Pretoria in 1981. He was appointed Head of CityVarsity’s Art Department in 2004 after spending 30 years as a freelance artist and Art Director in Television, Film, Theatre, and Advertising.

Hansie was a part-time Lecturer at the University of Pretoria for 20 years as well as at Pretoria Technikon. He was responsible for the designing and manufacturing of numerous sets, props, costumes, make-ups and masks for major productions for the SABC, M-Net, Rand Afrikaans University, The State Theatre, Klein Karoo National Arts Festival and Artscape etc. and has travelled extensively to Europe and the USA with The Little Marionette Company for which he served as Artistic Director for 30 years. He has received national and international acclaim for his involvement with puppetry and the arts.

Hansie is an ardent designer who enjoys drawing, painting, sculpting, casting and performance arts, as well as constructing and manipulating puppets.

Danielle Flockton
Danielle Flockton Head Of Department - Diploma in Film

Campus: Cape Town

Dani completed her first BA degree at Rhodes University majoring in Drama and Anthropology. After a year of travelling and working in Spain she returned to SA to complete a second degree in Film. After graduation, Dani worked in the film industry for nine years starting out as a runner and PA and working her way up to Producer.

With experience in commercials, features, short films and television, Dani has a passion for filmmaking. She lives in Hout Bay and loves taking her dogs to the beach to de-stress and unwind!

Stephen Schmidt
Stephen Schmidt Head Of Undergrad Studies - BA Degree in Film

Campus: Cape Town

Stephen Schmidt was born and raised in South Africa. Between 1984 and 1990 he directed and produced documentary and educational films for the Democratic Movement and also photographed Television News Material for ZDF, ARD and PBS in the United States. In 1991 he received a Fulbright Scholarship to attend the Department of Graduate Film at New York University.

After receiving a Master’s Degree in 1995 he remained in the United States to gain experience in the feature film industry as a Director and Producer. He returned to South Africa in 2000 to work in the local industry and to teach aspiring film makers. His works as a Cinematographer and Director have been extensively broadcast on SABC and M-Net.

Lucinda Jolly
Lucinda Jolly Head Of Department - Journalism

Campus: Cape Town

Lucinda started her career in 1982 as a freelance journalist for the Argus & Cape Times newspapers and doing art teaching locums. She then worked as a Copywriter for a number of advertising agencies before joining the Groote Schuur Hospital as a medical illustrator until mid-1994. She has been involved in producing and presenting a weekly magazine radio programme on Bush Radio and served on the Film and Publications Board as an examiner.

Before joining CityVarsity fulltime in 2007 as the HoD, she spent 11 years as a secondary school teacher teaching Art, Graphic Design, English and Life Orientation while running two evening short courses for CityVarsity namely Creative Writing and Magazine Journalism.

Lucinda is a graduate of Michaelis School of Fine Art (UCT) with a BA Fine Art majoring in Printmaking and an HED (UCT).

Lesley Caplan
Lesley Caplan Head Of Department - Multimedia

Campus: Cape Town

Lesley’s origins are in Great Britain where she qualified with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design in London. She has worked for the BBC and Independent TV in the UK as well as Computer Animation companies as Graphic Designer.

Her experience ranges from TV, film, animation graphic design and photography, to lecturing and management in the educational sector. She has a passion for design and imagery and continues to draw, paint and illustrate her own work.

Lesley had been with CityVarsity for 13 years, since its inception, as a lecturer in Graphic Design and as a Head of Department. She recently returned to CityVarsity having worked for TSiBA Education for 3 years, and is now enjoying being involved again with her primary passion of design in all its wondrous forms.

Barbara Wildenboer
Barbara Wildenboer Head Of Department - Photography

Campus: Cape Town

Barbara Wildenboer obtained a Masters in Fine Art (with distinction) from the Michaelis School of Art at the University of Cape Town in 2007. Before that she completed a BA (Ed) with majors in English literature, Psychology and Pedagogics at the University of Pretoria in 1996 followed by a Bachelor of Visual Arts from UNISA.

She has been awarded several international residencies such as the Unesco-Aschberg residency (Jordan, 2006), the Al Mahatta residency (Palestine, 2009) and the Red De Residencias Artisticas Local (Colombia, 2011) and the Rimbun Dahan artist residency (Penang, Malaysia, 2013). In 2011 she was nominated and subsequently selected as one of the top 20 finalists for the Sovereign African Arts Award for which she received the Public Choice Prize.
She had her 7th solo exhibition entitled Disjecta Membra at Amelia Johnson Contemporary in Hong Kong during April 2013. She is currently working on a traveling museum exhibition entitled ‘The Lotus Eaters’, which will travel through South Africa in 2014/15.

Neil Leachman
Neil Leachman Head Of Department - Sound Engineering

Campus: Cape Town

Neil graduated with B.Mus (Performance & Technology) from NMMU. He has spent the majority of his working life in education but also has firm roots in live sound and studio recording. He also has a solid grounding in post-production and writing for film and enjoys the challenge of connecting visual and auditory concepts.

Neil is also very much involved in amateur theatre and enjoys the opportunities he gets to get on a stage and perform whenever he can. He has won best supporting actor for his portrayal of Judd Fry in Oklahoma both in the Port Elizabeth and the Cape Town amateur awards and is still an active member of the amateur dramatics in Cape Town.

When not umpiring, acting or writing music he manages to spend a bit of time watching series and is an ardent Trekkie!

Genna Gardini
Genna Gardini Lecturer - Acting

Campus: Cape Town

Genna Gardini is a playwright and poet based in Cape Town. She completed her undergraduate studies in Drama at Rhodes University and was awarded an MA in Playwriting with distinction from UCT. She has had two plays produced at the National Arts Festival, WinterSweet (2012) and Scrape (2013), both of which won Standard Bank Ovation Awards. In 2013 she was awarded the DALRO New Coin Poetry prize and named one of the Mail & Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans. Her poetry and flash fiction have been published widely, most recently in The Common, Prufrock and uHlanga as well as the Umuzi anthology The Ghost-Eater and Other Stories. Gardini co-curated and performed in The Mothertongue Project’s Walk: South Africa and Horses’ Heads Productions’ SIMilar. She is a member of The Royal Court Theatre’s South African New Writing Programme and the playwriting collective Play Riot. Gardini also writes extensively on art and literature for various publications including the Cape Times, Sunday Independent and Art South Africa magazine.

Shirley Johnston
Shirley Johnston Senior Lecturer - Acting

Campus: Cape Town

Shirley has been in show business longer than most people have been alive. She studied at UCT about five hundred years ago and spent the first half of her career on stage, screen and radio. Old people might remember her in some ancient plays and movies (Shadowlands, Cry, the Beloved Country, Heel Against the Head, Dancing at Lughnasa, Death of a Colonialist and about 100 more forgotten titles). During her theatrical career, sadly, she was best known for being Alex Jay’s newsreader on Radio Five. After about a quarter century she began writing and directing for television (Isidingo, Backstage, Madam and Eve, League of Glory, Montana, Shooting Stars) and lecturing/teaching in between. She is constantly exhausted.

Her first stage play, “Plastics” won the Sacpac Playwright’s Award way back in the nineties, her first short film, “Clean Hands” won a New Directions Screenwriting Award at the turn of the century, and her first feature film, ‘Felix!’, (Sithengi Best New Screenplay, Quarter Finalist in Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope Screenwriting Competition) was released in cinemas in September 2013. Shirley is happy she was alive to see it on the big screen. She is currently developing a new 26 episode drama series commissioned by eTV.

Shirley has received three Best Actress Awards and seven Best Actress nominations. She does not like being a nominee and hopes never to attend another awards ceremony where she pretends she’s not hoping she’ll win, and then pretends she’s really glad for the jerk who nabbed the big money prize.

She loves her students and loves teaching Acting for Camera at CityVarsity.

Jo Roets
Jo Roets Senior Lecturer - Art

Campus: Cape Town

Jo is a proud product of the CityVarsity Art Department. After her studies she started working in the film industry until CityVarsity invited her to join the lecturing team in the Art Department. She stayed with CityVarsity for two years after which she went back to work in the film industry furthering her experience and skills. Whist away from CityVarsity, Jo was head-hunted to work on numerous sets (for stage, film and television) both international and local in all her areas of expertise. Now she is back to lecture in the Art Department and excited to pass on the extended knowledge.

She is passionate about the different mediums of art and strives to impart this to the students she teaches. Her knowledge of not only technique but also of products, in each of the subjects she lectures, serves as a great advantage to the students. It gives her immense satisfaction to see how the Art Department students develop into great artists acquiring the skills and knowledge they need out there, whether in the fields of make-up, special effects, props fabrication, prosthetics, set dressing and sculpting or in any other in the broad spectrum of the Art Department.

David Pupkewitz
David Pupkewitz Senior Lecturer - BA Degree in Film - Diploma in Film

Campus: Cape Town

David Pupkewitz was born in 1951. He graduated with Bachelor of Business Science (Hons) in 1973, and was awarded an AE and CI Research Fellowship. In 1979 he graduated from University College London with a BA Philosophy (Hons). From 1982 – 1995 until Focus established itself as a feature film Production Company he was concurrently MD of a group of financial services companies. His financial background enabled him to develop a wide range of international co-financing relationships and has been instrumental in opening up new sources of finance to the film industry. He has occasionally spoken at seminars on development and finance for the NSCTP under the auspicious of the National Film School, London and at the Producers association, PACT.

David Pupkewitz has a long and successful history of independent film production under his UK based development, production and finance company Focus Films. Since 1995 the company has concentrated on producing theatrical motion pictures. Films produced over the last 17 years range from action thrillers to romantic dramas, sci-fi/horror to black comedy.

Tim Spring
Tim Spring Senior Lecturer - Diploma in Film

Campus: Cape Town

Born in Liverpool and a supporter of the soccer club.

He has been in movies longer than he can remember, in South Africa, Rhodesia and Los Angeles. He has directed nine feature films and over twenty TV drama series, the last being “Interrogation Room” on SABC, and is a passionate left-hander.

Motto –“I’ll teach you to make movies, not to pass exams.”

Dawn Kennedy
Dawn Kennedy Lecturer - Journalism

Campus: Cape Town

To finance her studies in English and Philosophy at Bristol University, Dawn got a job as the arts reporter for The Bristol Post. In between reading Kierkegaard and Wordsworth, she watched hours of obscure Japanese movies. The shock of discovering that there’s a job – journalism - that pays you to write about movies prompted her to enrol in a postgraduate diploma at The London School of Journalism.

Since graduating, she’s worked as a journalist in many different capacities: as a feature writer for the Cape Times; arts writer for The Sunday Independent; features editor of Oprah magazine and editor of Sync ‘Up, the Peter Stuyvesant magazine.

For three years prior to joining City Varsity, she co-edited a new magazine title, 021. She is now a contributing editor.

Over the years, she has written thousands of freelance articles on both hard and soft news topics.

Dawn’s great passion in life is for narrative journalism – where news, features and creative writing collide.

Dawn is a Senior Lecturer in Print Journalism and Creative Writing, which form a major part of CityVarsity’s Certificate in Journalism. She also runs short courses in Feature Writing.

Mandy Ringdal
Mandy Ringdal Senior Lecturer - Multimedia

Campus: Cape Town

After completing her full time Diploma, Mandy joined an agency as a digital designer and worked on web-based campaigns for local and international clients. She then moved on as the senior digital designer for a software development company, developing interactive presentations for the American government.

After completing her lecturing qualifications, she started lecturing in London in 2005 and joined CityVarsity as a lecturer in 2008, as well as freelancing in illustration, print and web for various local and international brands. Mandy is the shortest staff member with the most tattoos.

Rima Geffen
Rima Geffen Senior Lecturer - Photography

Campus: Cape Town

Rima Geffen achieved her Masters of Fine Art at the Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA, specializing in Art History, Printmaking and Photography.

Rima Geffen then became a professor of Fine Art and Photography at VCU and also taught at other USA locations. Over the past 4 years she has exhibited in the USA and has won awards for her photography. In 2005 Rima had a photographic exhibition in Cape Town for the highly prestigious Month of Photography. She currently lectures photography full time at CityVarsity in both 1st and 2nd year programmes.

David Daniel
David Daniel Lecturer - Sound Engineering

Campus: Cape Town

Dave graduated from Nelson Mandela Bay University in 2001, with a B.A. Mus and Psych. Hons. A stringed instrumentalist and performer for the past 22 years, Dave has performed with several bands and ensembles with varying genres.

He began his career as a Studio Technician for various recording studios in South Africa and later began to specialize in live monitor engineering, where he worked with the majority of South African touring artists and several international artists, including The Manhattans, Kirk Franklin and Ronan Keating.

Following this, he pursued a career in multi-media and design, where, whilst working for various design agencies, he specialized in graphic design, animation, video editing and web development.

Dave embarked on his teaching career in 2009 in Port Elizabeth as a lecturer of sound engineering at Damelin College. He moved to Cape Town in 2012, where he worked for Top Billing and Pasella as final mix engineer, before joining the CityVarsity sound department team.

A proud father of 2 daughters, Dave’s free time is spent mainly in the outdoors, where he enjoys running, being a beach bum and an awesome Dad.

Alec Mackay
Alec Mackay Lecturer - Sound Engineering

Campus: Cape Town

Alec completed his BMus (Music Technology) at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2011. He also studied music at Keele University in the UK, specialising in sound recording and digital audio technology. He began teaching in 2013 in Port Elizabeth as a lecturer at Damelin College, and moved to CityVarsity at the start of 2015.

With a background in bass guitar and double bass, he spent a number of years performing with various ensembles in a range of genres, including an experimental jazz group under the name VuDu, and the Eastern Cape Philharmonic Orchestra. His passion for music is coupled with nearly 10 years of experience in live sound, and more recently in studio engineering. Alec enjoys working with other musicians and providing a platform for creativity.

Because of his technical interests, you will often find Alec glued to his computer designing audio plugins, or with his feet sticking out from behind a patch panel.

Suzanne Wessels
Suzanne Wessels Lecturer - Sound Engineering

Campus: Cape Town

Suzanne completed her Advanced Diploma in Sound Engineering at CityVarsity, majoring in Music Production and Arrangement. During her final year she joined the team at Sound Surgeon Studios based in Woodstock. While freelancing as a location sound recordist, she worked on numerous local and international projects, from feature films to the SAFTA award-winning programme: Challenge SOS.

With her background in Piano and Flute, she joined the CityVarsity Sound Department in 2012 as the Music lecturer. Suzanne’s passion for music and sound drives her to further develop and encourage young musicians, through various non-profit based projects. She founded One Shot Sessions in 2013, an online platform to develop the local Cape Town music community.

Jacques Roux
Jacques Roux Senior Lecturer - Head Of New Media Development

Campus: Cape Town

Jacques completed his studies at the University of Stellenbosh where he graduated with a BA Soc.Sc. degree. He continued his post-graduate studies at the University of Johannesburg where he graduated with a BA (Hons) degree in Industrial Relations and a MA Soc.Sc. (Clinical). He also has a Diploma in Personnel Management and a Diploma in Public Relations.

After working at the Office of the Family Advocate in Johannesburg specializing in mediating the dissolution of customary unions and the Parental Alienation Syndrome Jacques moved back to Cape Town to open a private practice. In his private practice he specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of Parental Alienation among separating and divorced couples. Jacques also commenced with further research in to Parental Alienation as part of his doctoral studies at the University of Stellenbosch.

Jacques Roux has been lecturing web languages at CityVarsity for the past 14 years. He developed and teaches the full-time programme in New Media Development. He is currently studying towards a doctorate degree in Computer Sience. His research focuses on ontology, structured data markup and semantic voice queries.

Academic Staff - Johannesburg

Crystal Sooklal
Crystal Sooklal Head of Department - Acting

Campus: Johannesburg

Crystal Karin Sooklal is currently HOD of the Acting Department. She studied at the University of Kwa Zulu Natal. She has a BA in Drama and performance studies as well as culture, communication and media studies.

Miranda Zink
Miranda Zink Head Of Department - Animation

Campus: Johannesburg

Miranda Zink entered this world 27 years ago…She’s always had an immense passion for the world of design and moving media and has always been driven to create.

She studied at Midrand Graduate Institute from 2003-2005, where she received her BA in Graphic Design. In her third year she decided to take the route of Animation and Multimedia, as she realized that moving media and creating interactive design were more exciting to her than organizing space on a flat page.

After travelling and exploring the planet, Miranda began her career as a Graphic Design lecturer in 2007 at Midrand Graduate Institute, where she helped develop and write a lot of the course material. In 2009 she moved to CTI in Randburg where she helped establish and run the Graphic Design department.

In March 2011, Miranda joined CityVarsity in Newtown, ecstatic to be involved in such a dynamic team of creatives, who hold the level of all creative media in such high regard. She has found her niche here; continuously sharing knowledge while simultaneously researching all facets within the field of animation.

Kevin Leicher
Kevin Leicher Head Of Department - Sound Engineering

Campus: Johannesburg

With a BA degree, Sound engineering diploma and over 18 years experience as a live performer and composer, Kevin is no stranger to SA’s music scene. When he’s not playing lead guitar for Chris Chameleon, composing with Josie Fields or touring with Arno Carstens, Kevin can be found creating, recording and producing all kinds of sound at his recording studio, Darkstar Productions. As Owner and Director of Darkstar, Kevin’s wealth of experience in the industry is greatly sought after. With numerous SAMA nominations to his name, including best producer, Kevin is amongst the most sought after music producers in South Africa. Darkstar studios, a long time neighbour to the campus is now in partnership with Cityvarsity and offers its facilities to sound students for real world studio experience, all under one roof. For a full discography or more information on the studios please visit www.darkstarstudio.co.za

Keshana Moodley
Keshana Moodley Lecturer - Acting

Campus: Johannesburg

Keshana Moodley, an individual who is passionate about drama and teaching in the media world. She studied at Wits University, where she received her BA Hons in Dramatic Arts. After graduating, Keshana worked at an IT company called Vortex; she helped train teachers to use the programme developed for schools around South Africa. Keshana completed a course through Damelin in Facilitating and strives to be a lecturer/facilitator who can make a difference towards the careers of her students. She joined CityVarsity in 2013 and enjoys working with the students to bring out the best in their art world. She wants to continue sharing her knowledge and looks forward to giving the best in this institute. Keshana enjoys reading novels, writing and creating stories; she works part time in events coordination and enjoys the little things in life. She has also travelled a lot and although she always looks tidy and wears high heels all day, she loves adventure and looks forward to a lifetime of exploration and fun.

Emmanuel Jaricha
Emmanuel Jaricha Lecturer - Multimedia

Campus: Johannesburg

Emmanuel is an Adobe Certified Expert and has a diploma and an advanced diploma in web designing and development with various college certificates all related to web. He has designed and developed over 80 websites and still has a passion for web technologies. He has 9 years of progressive experience in web design and development, maintenance, using style sheets, database management, working with PHP, Java Script, Ajax, jQuery, HTML 5, Actionscript, CMS for blogs, Internet marketing and creating interactive flash mini-sites and applications. Emmanuel joined the CityVarsity Multimedia team 2011 and is currently enjoying lecturing Web Programming and Flash Digital Design to 2nd and 3rd years.